Mando and Grogu Soar to the big screen in new Star Wars movie

Mando and Grogu Soar to the big screen in new Star Wars movie

The beloved duo of The Mandalorian and Grogu (aka Baby Yoda) from Disney's hit streaming series The Mandalorian are making the jump to the big screen. Director Jon Favreau, who created the Disney+ series, is developing a new feature film centered around the characters titled The Mandalorian & Grogu.

Favreau brought the lone bounty hunter Mandalorian and the incredibly cute and powerful alien child Grogu to life in the acclaimed space western series. Their bond became the emotional core of the show as Mando ended up feeling protective of Grogu. Now their adventures will continue on the silver screen.

Details are scarce on the film's plot or where it will pick up the characters' timeline from the events of the Disney+ series, which recently aired its third season. But Favreau expressed excitement to keep exploring the Star Wars universe he's helped expand through the show about the Mandalorian and his ward.

The Mandalorian & Grogu will be the first Star Wars feature film to go into production since 2019's The Rise of Skywalker. It kicks off a slate of upcoming films as Lucasfilm expands the franchise on both the big and small screens.

Longtime Star Wars producer Kathleen Kennedy and Mandalorian executive producer Dave Filoni will produce the project with Favreau. The film does not yet have a release date.


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